Ace Group Delighted With Leeds United Partnership

Ace Group Delighted With Leeds United Partnership


Local container and self-storage company celebrates its association with the football club.

A Leeds-based container service is brimming with local pride, following its partnership with the Leeds United Business Club, in a deal that sees the company establish close links with Leeds United Football Club.

Ace Group are one of only two depots remaining in the city, which store containers after imports have arrived in the UK – with the company also offering a smaller-scale self-storage service. Their Business Club Plus membership enables the company’s branding to be broadcast across all interactive displays on matchday: from Statzone screens and StadiumTVs located with the concourses at Elland Road; to the stadium’s pitch and crowd-facing LED digital screens.

Being associated with Leeds United is a proud achievement for the organisation, in addition to the partnership’s tangible commercial benefits. Ace Group’s Finance Director, Sean Birdsall, became involved with the company in 2012 and he outlined the reasons why the organisation chose to team up with the Leeds United Business Club.

“Without exception, I think all our employees are Leeds fans. A few members of our staff go to 10-12 games a year and we often give tickets to our staff.

“Other Leeds businesses seem to be associated with Leeds United and there is that parochial element”, Birdsall continued, “it’s lovely to see your name flash up during the game. [Eleven Sports Media] sends us screenshots when the company has been on TV, which is nice – but it’s more of a personal thing, to just to be part of and assisting Leeds United.”

The Leeds United Business Club stems from a partnership between Leeds United Football Club and Eleven Sports Media. In addition to providing all the interactive matchday screens that display the members’ branding, Eleven Sports Media also enable companies’ logos to appear on StatTracker content that is posted on the club’s official social media feeds.

Ace Group work with various other causes and sports teams throughout Yorkshire, including Hunslet Boys’ Club; Kippax Juniors; and the Kidz Klub. However, being a Business Club Plus member has enabled the company to extend its links with the local area.  Establishing these connections appears to be a cornerstone of Ace Group’s wider approach to their business – and is deep-rooted within the company.

“[Managing Director John Hansen] and I do try and do as much as we can within the local communities. When I first met John, if a good cause came to him, he would essentially give them a container, because a lot of people use [the containers] for sport storage.

“Then I changed the way it was done so we would keep in touch [with the organisations]. My thing was ‘let’s build relationships with community groups’ because it helps everybody. Leeds is quite a tight-knit community and I think these type of things tend to be passed around.”

Aside from the exposure and benefits the company experience on a professional level, there are also personal reasons behind Ace Group’s involvement with the Leeds United Business Club.

“We’ve only got one football club in Leeds”, Birdsall continued, “when my son was little, he was really into football, so we spent a lot of time at Elland Road. He grew up in that unbelievable age where we had international players who couldn’t get a game!

“I love to see Leeds doing well. I’ve been to a couple of games this season and thoroughly enjoyed them. I went when we beat Middlesbrough 2-1 and that was great.”

The company have also attended several events hosted by the Leeds United Business Club, which enable its members to attend dinners, listen to former Leeds players give Q&As, and network with other local businesses. “Having been to a couple of the events, I’m really pleased with it. The [Eleven Sports Media] staff are great! It’s great to meet other Leeds businesses on a more social basis”, Birdsall concluded, “we’re very happy with the Business Club. We’re pleased to be associated with Leeds United and pleased to be associated with Eleven Sports Media.”

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