Founded in 1884, throughout its history Leicester City FC has always attracted a large, loyal and vociferous local fanbase. That’s very much still the case, but with one difference: that fanbase has gone global. In 2016, the Foxes stunned the world in achieving one of the greatest sporting shocks in history when the club took the English Premier League title. Leicester City’s following exploded, but its astronomic growth didn’t alter the one thing that matters most of all: its local community.


While Leicester City has grown rapidly into a world-famous sports brand over the last decade, community remains at the heart of everything it does. The club has a network of global businesses within its portfolio of partners, but what it didn’t always have was a community-driven sports partnership program. That’s where we came in.

Our role is facilitating the relationship between Leicester City and its local business community. We work to connect the club with the city and expose local companies to both Leicester City’s enormous global audience and its loyal matchday-attending fans. Our community partner program provides new commercial inventory for Leicester City’s existing partners, huge potential growth opportunities for local businesses, and a tighter, truer connection between the club and the city of Leicester.

Our award-winning technology is also utilized by Leicester City. Our platforms, StadiumTV, StatTV and StatZone, help create a richer matchday experience for Leicester City fans, both in the stadium and anywhere in the world. We proudly help Leicester City engage with its passionate fanbase, 24/7.

Regarded as a true pioneer in fan engagement, it is a sign of Eleven’s rapid growth that a club of Leicester City’s caliber uses all three of our award-winning technology products.


Matt Cairns, CEO and Founder: “Leicester City are a truly global football club, and it’s always been our ambition as a business to work with the biggest and best football clubs in the world.

“Working in partnership with Leicester City is all about giving Leicestershire-based businesses an opportunity to be part of the Leicester City story. So although the football club already has deep roots in the community, they’re always looking for ways and means to empower that local business community.

“It was a real privilege when Leicester City asked us to integrate the Eleven products into what is an already very successful matchday experience. We’ve all been delighted with the results.”


Dan Barnett, Commercial Director, Leicester City: “One of the key benefits of working with Eleven is it enables us to get much closer to the community. It was something that we wanted to enhance. And the appetite for the market has been incredibly strong. What Eleven can offer to us and to the community is really unique in the industry.

“The technology that Eleven brings to the table is really helpful engaging on multiple levels. There are two key ways that the product is so beneficial to local partners. The first one is StatTV. On a matchday, partners get constant brand exposure to our audiences throughout the day. And StatZone is a really useful tool to engage social media in and around matchday to a wider audience.”