Chiswick Hair Clinic Lifted by Crystal Palace Business Club Partnership

Chiswick Hair Clinic Lifted by Crystal Palace Business Club Partnership


Hair Clinic looks to reach wider audience through football sponsorship

Chiswick Hair Clinic has become a Crystal Palace Business Club partner, enabling the company to showcase its branding to more than 25,000 fans throughout all of Palace’s home games at Selhurst Park. Using the power of sport to build brand awareness, The Chiswick Hair Clinic is demonstrating its commitment to South London through its association with the Football Club.

The business was formed in 2017 by Dr. Eibi Iniekio, who previously worked on Harley Street in Central London. Upon deciding to begin his own business, The Chiswick Hair Clinic has adopted a differing approach to many other surgeries. Minimising scarring through extracting individual follicles, Dr Iniekio carries out both the initial consultation and the subsequent procedure. The business’ methods have already attracted celebrity clients. However, Luz Loizou of Chiswick Hair Clinic outlines why the business were attracted to football sponsorship:

“The partnership with the Crystal Palace Business Club came at the right time. We were looking to reinforce the brand awareness as well as to be able to inform people about the procedure, our commitment to the ‘Gold Standard’ and the payment plans available at The Chiswick Hair Clinic.”

“Our demographic is mainly male-orientated and football helps us reach out to them and because Crystal Palace are based in South London, it helps us relate to the local community.”

The Crystal Palace Business Club is formed through a partnership between Eleven Sports Media and the Football Club, allowing local companies to experience big-brand exposure at a Premier League club. As a Business Club partner, The Chiswick Hair Clinic’s branding is broadcast around Selhurst Park on crowd-facing digital LED boards, as well as appearing on StadiumTV and StatZone screens within the concourses.

This approach allows Chiswick Hair Clinic to engage with supporters at multiple points throughout every matchday. In addition to matchday exposure, the business has also been invited to exclusive Business Club events, which have included guest speaker events at Selhurst Park.

Being based in Chiswick has led the hair clinic to become an international business through its close links to Heathrow Airport. Having built a client base largely around customer referrals, being associated with a renowned Premier League club helps the business appeal to a global audience, as well as reaching out to local people. With the business continuing to grow, Chiswick Hair Clinic is also hoping to attract a new demographic:

“The stigma around hair transplants is breaking down. Athletes taking care of themselves more, in terms of grooming, is big for us within the industry. The association we get with a Premier League club through the Crystal Palace Business Club helps us break down that stigma.

“The hope is that, through seeing it at the stadium, people looking for honest advice on hair transplantation will know The Chiswick Hair Clinic is the place to come That can be achieved through creating more awareness of the brand. The initial period since starting the business has been about building our customer base and establishing a good reputation for the work we do, but now we’re ready to go to the next level.”

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