Shoes, but not as you know them. An international brand with UK distribution through Leeds-based Charles Birch Group, a family business founded in 1965, Vibram manufactures innovative shoes. A key product is Vibram FiveFingers, training shoes that are adapted to fit snugly around each toe.

With limited national brand recognition in the UK, Charles Birch wanted to push its Vibram distribution with a hyper-local awareness campaign in its home city of Leeds. Eleven stepped in, facilitating an all-encompassing six-year partnership with Leeds United, and opening up a previously untapped market.

The community-driven sports partnership significantly transformed awareness of the brand locally. In addition, the Vibram team has become much more integrated into Leeds’ local business community after attending the many events hosted and delivered by Eleven. The campaign has been a big success, and Charles Birch is now looking at similar campaigns with Eleven in other regions in the UK to further develop its localised brand recognition.

“Utilising the power of sport as a marketing medium, we’re engaging with more people and more potential customers than ever before. Most importantly, however, we’re doing this through a true partnership with a global sports club and aligning our brand with the Premier League, elevating the Vibram brand to new heights. All made possible by Eleven Sports Media.” Chris Wilson, Managing Director