In a time in which world leaders have come together to address the challenges related to the climate change, West Sussex based Eden Utilities, is showing the world how businesses can play their part by converting their waste into energy.

Eden Utilities offers a simple, yet ingenious, solution which enables businesses of all sizes to recycle their business generated waste to turn it back into power, which can be used by the same organisation.

The company’s Eden Infinity energy solution allows businesses to help the planet, through clean energy production, whilst also saving them money.

The company has recently worked with sports rights activation experts, Eleven Sports Media to become a Reading Football Club Associate Partner, with the objective of promoting their green energy solutions to businesses across the South of England.

Eden Utilities’ CEO, Mark Chipol, explains,

“We offer a personal service to help businesses with their energy needs. At the heart of that is a desire to provide greener solutions to create a sustainable future. If every business switched to a supplier who was able to turn their own waste into green energy, the world would be a much healthier place.”

Mark continued,

“The beauty of our Eden Infinity solution, which allows businesses to continually recycle their waste into energy, is that companies using the service can do their bit for the planet, whilst, in many cases, also save time and money. We hope to use our Associate Partnership at Reading Football Club to share that message and reach out to businesses across the country.”

“The topic of green energy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and there is a lot of debate around the issue. By using a truly carbon zero solution for their energy needs, our clients can demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively reducing their carbon footprint and helping to save the planet.”

Eden Utilities provides a full end to end solution, working with energy suppliers to ensure that the power generated from each businesses waste is used to supply electricity back to them. The company also provides consultancy to help businesses plan exactly when to buy their energy supply, saving money over a longer term.

Mark concluded,

“Change does not need to be difficult. We’re keen for businesses to understand that there is no large investment in time or money required. We make it incredibly simple for businesses to switch to a green energy supply, and work with a company’s existing waste collector to ensure there is no disruption to their business. We’d encourage businesses with a desire to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst saving money, to speak our knowledgeable and friendly team.”

To learn more about the Eden Infinity green energy solution and turn your business waste into power, visit