Eleven Sports Media Gift £250,000 Of Brand Exposure Value To Mind Charity

Eleven Sports Media Gift £250,000 Of Brand Exposure Value To Mind Charity


Eleven Sports Media are delighted to announce Mind, the mental health charity, as its nominated charity partner for the 2019/20 season.

As nominated charity partner, Eleven have gifted Mind a seasonal brand engagement campaign across their digital platforms within football.

Eleven’s award-winning fan engagement displays, StadiumTV and StatTV, feature across more than 40 clubs across the English Premier League, Scottish Premier Football League and English Football League. In addition, the Blackpool based company have exclusive rights to crowd-facing LED technology at Premier League and Championship stadiums.

Eleven have invested £55,000 of media space into their network on behalf of Mind, with a realistic media value equivalency of £250,000. This national campaign will help promote awareness and understanding of mental health amongst football fans in the United Kingdom.

The exposure achieved by Eleven’s gifted campaign will help Mind amplify their existing association with football by building on the charity’s partnership with the English Football League. The EFL partnership includes a ground-breaking charity logo which is incorporated into the player name on the back of each player playing in the English Football League.

Eleven’s media campaign on behalf of Mind will see the charity’s key messages gain exposure to a monthly in-venue audience of more than one million football fans, achieving more than 25,000 monthly impressions and almost one million brand impacts.

Speaking about the decision to make Mind nominated charity for the 2019/20 season, Eleven’s Chief Executive Officer, Matt Cairns said: “The brilliant and innovative campaign which Mind have introduced to English football has broken down barriers and got people talking about issues which are very often left silent.

“As a company which places the well-being of our staff at the very heart of everything we do – and one which works with many of the clubs already associated with the Mind campaign – it seemed an obvious decision to gift our nominated charity media space to a cause which is raising awareness and understanding of mental health in football, sport and society as a whole.”

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