London Stadium Associate Partner Flagstone are delighted to share examples of how their knowledge and expertise has recently helped two of their clients who were significantly impacted by the cladding crisis.

As one of the largest independent mortgage introducers in the UK, Flagstone benefit from a number of exclusive rates not available to the general public. This allows them to explore all the options available to their clients, rather than just the major lenders.

Case Study 1

Mr and Mrs R. are existing clients of Flagstone’s Mortgage & Protection Adviser Michelle Shilliam, who is located at their Chelmsford Branch. They had put their flat on the market over 18 months ago and had a sale running on it which subsequently fell through due to the buyers’ surveyors finding cladding which was deemed unacceptable.

They reached out to Michelle recently about another issue, but Michelle noticed that the couple lived in a block of flats located in a popular area of Chelmsford which she knew had all the relevant paperwork for the cladding to be removed at no cost to them. Michelle mentioned they could now be eligible for a mortgage as some lenders have changed their policies on cladding. They are now in positive position and have decided to put their property back on the market and are now viewing new properties.

Case Study 2

Six months ago, one of our Mortgage & Protection advisers, Bhupindar Singh, had a client who had been offered a right to buy on their flat. When the client had their flat valued, it was unfortunately valued at zero due to the cladding restrictions that were in place.

Now that some lenders have changed their policies, Bhupindar now got back in touch to arrange a mortgage for his clients’ flat. They have now received a formal mortgage offer.

Have you had difficulty purchasing, selling, or been unable to shop around for more competitive options due to the cladding crisis?

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