Football Advertisement


Brands have been using the power of sport to promote their products and services to the masses for more than 100 years.

The first pitchside football advertisement was seen at the 1966 World Cup, whilst the first football advertisement on a shirt was seen in 1976 when Southern League Kettering Town became the first British club to show a brand name on their shirts.

Major companies were quick to see the benefits of associating with sports clubs and football marketing has been around since domestic brands began advertising at football grounds by positioning their logos at strategic points within the stadium. However, it wasn’t until the advent of televised football matches in the 1960s that what we now know as pitchside advertising was first seen. This pitchside advertising remained fairly static until the turn of millennium, West Ham United being the first ever club to implement a digital LED pitchside advertising system.

Initially banned by the Football Association, Bolton Wanderers and Derby County both lobbied the authorities for football advertisements on shirts to be allowed.

The first football advertisement on a big club shirt is widely regarded to the be deal which saw Hitachi featuring across Liverpool’s shirt from 1978.

Football marketing has come on leaps and bounds since the early pioneers and Eleven Sports Media are leading that journey. Our innovative fan engagement platforms have seen thousands of local, regional and national brands advertising at football grounds for more than 10 years.

In addition to the traditional pitchside advertising, Eleven’s partners also appear on StadiumTV, StatZone and even beyond the stadium on our bespoke social media branded content posts in partnership with Premier League and Championship clubs.