Football Comes Home For Eleven’s Associated Venues and Brands

Football Comes Home For Eleven’s Associated Venues and Brands


The English Football League season kicks off once again this weekend when the action gets underway at Football League venues in England.

Eleven Sports Media are proud to once again be associated with more than 60 per cent of the clubs in the Championship, with end-to-end partnership programmes in place at five clubs, including Stoke City who are back in the second tier following a long spell in the Premier League.

Eleven’s award-winning StadiumTV and StatZone channels will be in operation at venues throughout the English Football League and also in the Scottish Premier League where the Rangers Business Club showcases local and regional brands to a huge weekly audience.

The total in-venue audience for the opening weekend is expected to be in excess of 150,000 supporters at our clubs. That number will be boosted significantly by the audience engaging with Eleven’s associated brands on our StatTracker channel which places official matchday stats into the heart of club’s official social media feeds.

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