Football Shirt Sponsors

Eleven Sports Media sit at the centre of some of the biggest club to brand relationships in UK sport. We have built successful sports partnerships for hundreds of brands, introducing shirt sponsorship to clubs across both rugby and football. We have designed a wealth of valuable sports marketing opportunities for local, regional and national brands; from football shirt sponsors to rugby sleeve sponsors.

Targeted partnerships and shirt sponsorships not only drive brand awareness and exposure but help to build emotional connections with an engaged and captive fan-base. Eleven’s expertise in insights and analytics allows us to identify the most relevant and commercially rewarding shirt sponsorship opportunities to clubs and venues.

The Evolution of Shirt Sponsorship

Football Shirt Sponsors

The first football shirt advertisement was seen in 1976, when Southern League Kettering Town became the first British club to show a brand name on their shirts. Initially banned by the Football Association, Bolton Wanderers and Derby County both lobbied the authorities for football advertisements on shirts to be allowed. Widely regarded to be the first football advertisement on a big club shirt was when Hitachi featured across Liverpool’s shirt from 1978.

Today, football is the world’s most popular sport, with four billion fans worldwide. The open floodgate of shirt sponsorship is now firmly cemented as part of the modern-day sporting landscape. Football shirt sponsorship creates mutually beneficial opportunities for brands and clubs of all sizes, allowing partners to align and amplify shared marketing messages.

Football shirt sponsors take brands to the centre of the action. Eleven Sports Media will work with you to create a bespoke sports marketing game-plan.