FC Dallas Affiliate Partner Groople do everything in their power to get your business the best possible hotel rates, but booking a trip for your employees and saving money goes beyond your hotel. 

With proper planning and strategic partnerships, as well as a careful rooming list, Groople can help you get the most out of every dollar available in your travel budget.

When It Comes to Incentive Travel, Budgets Truly Matter

At Groople, they have two main goals when helping you book your hotels for corporate events or corporate incentive travel: to save you money and to make sure your hotel stay is perfect in every possible way. They know how important it is to budget, and Groople will work with you to ensure transparency and accountability, and to point you to destinations and properties that make sense for your corporate travel needs.

A Mini Corporate Retreat May Be the Trip of Choice to Foster Inclusion

If your company does not have enough bandwidth, in terms of money or time, to take the whole team across the country for a retreat or to regroup and plan strategy, then why not explore an overnight stay at a local property?  Booking hotel rooms in your own town will help you reduce travel expenses, while giving your employees a well-deserved break.

Do You Have Too Much to Handle When Hosting a Corporate Event? You Need a Concierge

Businesses are busy, and more often than not, the task of coordinating corporate travel and incentive trips falls on the shoulders of someone whose primary role is not necessarily travel.

At Groople, they can help you get on-location support to ensure your trip is seamless, and they will provide you with a local point of contact that will take care of all the tasks that demand boots on the ground.

Groople is the expert in group travel. They specialize in bringing together Groups + People, hence the name, and no they’re not affiliated with Google.

Still, they’re backed by more than two decades of experience in the travel space, so Groople is equipped to handle the complexities of group travel.

To book your group travel with Groople today, or to find out more, visit: https://groople.com/