As we enter February, we celebrate a month adorned with the hues of unity, resilience, and empowerment takes center stage across the United States and beyond – Black History Month.

This annual celebration serves as a poignant reminder of the rich tapestry woven by the African American community, showcasing a profound legacy of courage, creativity, and triumph over adversity.

We caught up with Senior Managing Partner of Houston Dynamo Associate Partner Infinavate Consultancy Services, Maurice Hamilton who spoke to us about his inspiration to create a business and the importance of this month of celebration.

“The idea of starting my own business was inspired by a few individuals who played a significant role in my life. I remember my mother’s tears during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral when I was just six years old. She explained to me the separatism we had in our country and how Dr. King paved the way for me to become an independent business owner who could positively contribute to society”.

“As an expert in the Information Technology industry, I have always looked up to role models such as the late NFL legend Gale Sayers and David L. Steward, who still inspires me today. Mr. Steward owns the largest Black-Owned business in the United States, and his success story motivates me to work hard toward achieving my goals every day.”

Maurice’s’ company Infinavate Consultancy Services have recently announced a multi-year deal with sports-rights specialists Eleven Sports Media to become an inaugural Houston Dynamo Associate Partner, ahead of the new 2024 MLS campaign.

“I firmly believe that a strong relationship built on mutual trust and support is the foundation of a healthy and thriving community. It makes all the difference when the local team and our company can work together to accomplish community commitments. These relationships serve as an inspiring example to others and provide the necessary backing to work together towards a common goal.”

The Associate Partnership announcement with Houston Dynamo is part of Infinavate’s goal to inspire and give back to their local community.

“By partnering at local school events, public showings, social media inspirations, and press releases and working with the corporate world to acknowledge our accomplishments, we can inspire the younger generation to dream big and achieve great things.”

“Together, we can create a community where young people are encouraged to set their goals high and work hard to make them a reality. Let’s show them that the sky’s the limit and that anything is possible with dedication, perseverance, and collaboration. Together, we can positively impact the world and inspire the next generation of leaders and achievers.”

Black History Month provides a dedicated space to honor and explore the pivotal contributions made by African Americans throughout history. From trailblazing leaders who shattered barriers to the unsung heroes whose resilience shaped the nation, this month serves as a powerful testament to the enduring spirit that has driven progress and transformation. Maurice spoke to us about the importance of celebrating the month.

“It’s important to recognize the significant role that Black Americans have played in the innovations and progress of the United States. Many people are unaware of Black Americans’ countless contributions and inventions.”

“The month is an opportunity to share our contributions with others, particularly younger generations, hoping to inspire and cultivate a curiosity that will encourage them to learn more and follow in our footsteps.”