IT Company teams up with Newcastle United Executive Club

IT Company teams up with Newcastle United Executive Club


ITC Service commit to supporting the North East through Executive Club partnership

ITC Service have partnered with the Newcastle United Executive Club to provide the IT support business with significant brand exposure at St. James’ Park. Based in South Tyneside, the partnership reflects the company’s local pride, with their logo being displayed to 50,000 supporters at every Newcastle United home game.

Formed in 2006 by Peter Anderson and Christopher Potts, ITC Service now provide support to more than 400 businesses, with most of their clients being based within the North East. Employing a team of 38 staff, the business is well-reputed in the Tyneside area, having grown an extensive customer list through word of mouth referrals before joining the Newcastle United Executive Club.

ITC’s Head of Marketing, Kate Anderson, explained how the partnership has helped grow the company’s visibility:

“Because clients have always approached us based on our reputation for delivering a fantastic service, it’s probably the first time we’ve been proactive in a marketing campaign. In the last year, through a combination of being involved with the Executive Club as well as support from Invest South Tyneside and Scale Up North East, we’ve become even more well-known. We’re an established company, and our growth has been steady, but in this last year we’ve become a lot bigger, gaining an additional 8 staff to meet the demand of our increasing workload.

“Being associated with Newcastle United shows you as an honest, reputable, legitimate business that people can trust”, Anderson continued. “In terms of existing customers it’s reinforced that we’re not a small-fry company anymore, that we have grown and diversified and our marketing has developed along with that.”

The Newcastle United Executive Club comes from a partnership between Eleven Sports Media and the Football Club. Being an Executive Club partner enables ITC Service to have their branding broadcast on crowd-facing LED boards, as well as StadiumTV and StatZone screens located within the concourses, throughout every matchday at St. James’ Park.

ITC Service’s links to Newcastle United see the business unite with a pillar of the local community. Football is hugely popular throughout the city and the club’s significant fanbase means that ITC’s brand reaches thousands of supporters during each home game.

“I think Newcastle is a city that’s centred around the club. On a matchday, the city’s buzzing, there’s black and white everywhere. It’s a whole city experience even though not everyone’s going to the match.

“I don’t think we would ever have thought we could achieve that link with Newcastle United. We would’ve thought formal sponsorship at the match would be way out of our price range. Every game we attend, seeing our name on the crowd-facing boards and within the hospitality sections is so exciting and makes us all feel really proud. There’s nothing better than spotting your logo on Match of the Day highlights!

In addition to the matchday brand exposure that the company receives, all Newcastle United Executive Club partners are invited to exclusive events, which have included Q&A evenings with former players, as well as opportunities to enjoy matchday hospitality.

These events also provide a platform for ITC Service to network and socialise with like-minded local businesses, something that Kate Anderson believes has been key to the partnership’s success:

“I actively aim to support and promote other Executive Club partners and other Northeast businesses, even if they aren’t clients. South Tyneside where we are based is a fantastic business network. It’s not just about your business it’s about creating a community where you can all help each other. We have fantastic relationships with some of the other Executive Club partners and we love to see them thrive too, its all about making the Northeast stronger and showing it for the amazing region it is “

The business has already seen the positive effects of being associated with the club, with two of ITC’s clients going on to join the Newcastle United Executive Club. Having been established for more than a decade, the matchday branding has enabled the business to reach a larger audience, but also to remind customers of their longevity.

“It’s reinforced our brand. It’s raised awareness and it’s reinforced it for existing customers”, Kate Anderson explained. “We’ve found from the Executive Club events that some of our existing or previous clients have said “I’ve meant to get in touch with you”. It’s just refreshing people’s memory that you’re there if they need you, through brand reinforcement.”

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