Partners of both the London Stadium Associate Partnership and Newcastle United Executive Club Kuflink, has grown to become one of the largest peer-to-peer lending platforms in the UK, with more than £238m loaned.

But despite soaring profits in 2022, Chief Executive Narinder Khattoare and head of products Paul Auger have even bigger things planned for 2023.

Khattoare believes that the platform’s loan book will “definitely” reach £300m this year, making Kuflink one of a handful of P2P platforms to break the £300m milestone, when speaking to

“This year is going to be a fantastic year for us as a business and I think we will excel and do over and above what our forecast says,” says Khattoare.

“People here are motivated and it’s great to see people coming into the office and coming in with a smile on their face.”

“The company has some very aggressive growth plans over the next two to three years,” adds Auger. “We want to be bigger not just in the bridging space but in the lending space as a whole.”

With Kuflink growing from strength-to-strength, this will see the company launch a range of new consumer and commercial products, hiring new staff, bringing on new institutional funding lines, and ramping up its retail investor base.

“We’re looking to enhance the products that we do on the bridging side and introduce second-charge lending both on the commercial side and the consumer side,” says Auger.

“It’s a growing business but we’re still agile enough and entrepreneurial enough to be able to change quite quickly in response to the marketplace.”

Despite the current economic hardships, Auger predicts the economy will start to turn around April 2023, and are feeling very confident about the future of Kuflink.

“There’s a lot more stability now and we’ve seen rates coming down even though there was another base rate increase in December,” says Auger. “It may be a turbulent 2023 and 2024 but over the next 10 years, times will get easier.”

Kuflink’s branding will continue to reach huge audiences on Premier League matchdays throughout 2023 also. The peer-to-peer lenders message will be seen from the crowds inside the iconic venues of the London Stadium and St. James’ Park, along with the mass TV following which is watching worldwide.

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