Local Metalworks Secure Newcastle United Executive Club Partnership

Local Metalworks Secure Newcastle United Executive Club Partnership


Barrington Metalworks showcase commitment to North East region through football sponsorship

Barrington Metalworks have partnered with the Newcastle United Executive Club to provide the engineering business with extensive brand exposure at St. James’ Park. Established for more than thirty years, the family-run company sees its logo broadcast to more than 50,000 supporters throughout every Newcastle United home game.

Initially a father and son business, Barrington Metalworks has expanded to a 24-strong team. Originally comprised of builders and fabricators, its growing number of employees has seen the business incorporate profile cutting and precision machining, allowing the company to complete all elements of production in-house.

Having become an established part of the local community, Chris and Michael Robertson explained why becoming a Newcastle United Executive Club partner appealed to Barrington Metalworks:

“We hadn’t done any marketing until partnering with the Newcastle United Executive Club. Pretty much all our work has come from referrals and word of mouth. We’ve always prided ourselves by giving somebody what they want, when they’ve wanted it.

“We joined the Executive Club, primarily, because we are Newcastle supporters; we were going to begin advertising at the same time to gain a bit of added exposure. We’ve had other businesses call up to say that they’ve seen us at the match. Our customers have noticed our name around the stadium, too. They’ve asked how we went about doing that and the benefits that come with it.

“There’s a lot of bigger companies involved in sponsoring Newcastle United. We’re a small company in the grand scheme of things. We were at the ground the other night and we could see some of the other companies linked with the club. It’s given us an increased profile through being associated with the club. “

The Newcastle United Executive Club is formed through a partnership between Eleven Sports Media and the Football Club. As an Executive Club partner, Barrington Metalworks see their company branding displayed on crowd-facing digital LED boards, in addition to StadiumTV and StatTV screens, located within the concourses.

A multi-layered approach, this enables the business to interact with Newcastle supporters at various points during each home game. Moreover, the business is also invited to exclusive partner events, which have included Q&A evenings with former Newcastle players.

Based in Bedlington, becoming a Newcastle United Executive Club partner demonstrates the business’ local pride. Most of Barrington Metalworks’ customers and employees come from within a 30-mile radius, and Chris and Michael Robertson outlined why the business has enjoyed long-term success:

“We’ve been going for thirty years and we’ve got a lot of new customers, but we’ve also got our long-term customers that have been the backbone of the business and the main core of our work. I wouldn’t think there are many businesses in Newcastle that have been going as long as we have.

“Businesses come and go, and we’ve stood the test of time. It hasn’t been easy but we’re still here – probably because we’re a family business. We started it and we want to keep it going.

“We’re versatile in what we do. As a business, we do the work of two or three companies, if a customer were to go elsewhere to achieve the same outcome. That’s why the business is accessible for people who come in and make a specific request; everything is made by us, right through to the finished product.”

As lifelong Newcastle United supporters, being associated with their local football club gives Chris and Michael Robertson a sense of achievement: “It’s fantastic when you sit there and see your name going around the boards. It does give you a lot of pride, the fact that we can do that. A lot of our customers go to the match and once they’ve spotted us, they always mention it and ask about the partnership. It’s uplifting.”

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