Celtic Community Partner Loop Recycling Ltd have recently announced the organisations’ expansion into the capital city of Edinburgh, after recently acquiring Wasteworx Scotland, start a new chapter in sustainable waste management.

Loop Recycling Ltd, a leader in sustainable waste management and recycling solutions, is excited to announce its expansion into Edinburgh through the acquisition of Wasteworx Scotland Ltd. This strategic move marks a significant step in Loop Recycling’s commitment to extending its environmentally friendly services and fostering a greener Scotland.

The acquisition of Wasteworx Scotland Ltd by Loop Recycling represents a harmonious merger of expertise and values in the field of sustainable waste management. Wasteworx Scotland Ltd, known for its innovative approach to waste disposal and recycling, aligns perfectly with Loop Recycling’s mission to promote environmental stewardship.

Loop Recycling’s expansion into Edinburgh is more than a business growth strategy; it is a reflection of the company’s dedication to making sustainable waste management accessible to more communities. By bringing its services to Edinburgh, Loop Recycling aims to create a more significant impact in reducing waste and promoting recycling practices across Scotland.

“Loop Recycling has always been driven by a vision to make a tangible difference in how communities manage waste. Our acquisition of Wasteworx Scotland Ltd is a milestone in our journey towards a cleaner, greener Scotland. We are excited to bring our innovative recycling solutions to Edinburgh and continue to lead the way in environmental excellence,” said Vari McGale, Director of Loop Recycling.

To learn more about the waste management and recycling experts, or for more updates as Loop Recycling continues to grow from strength-to-strength, visit: https://looprecycling.co.uk/