Metal Fabrication Company Forges Partnership with Leeds United Business Club

Metal Fabrication Company Forges Partnership with Leeds United Business Club


BJ Stainless Fabrications celebrate links to local community through football sponsorship

BJ Stainless Fabrications have partnered with the Leeds United Business Club, celebrating the company’s Yorkshire roots. The Leeds United Business Club enables the business to have their company branding displayed throughout Elland Road. Appearing each matchday, BJ Stainless Fabrications engage with more than 30,000 supporters at each home game.

Formed by Lee Jackson in 2001, the business manufactures a range of products from bespoke balconies to pharmaceutical equipment. Quickly establishing a returning customer base, Lee explained how the business has continued to grow:

“Developing excellent working relationships with local companies, we were able to invest in new technology that opened new doors to a different customer base. We’ve also set up separate waterjet and powder coating businesses.

“It’s let us become a leading force in fabrication work around Leeds. Rather than hanging on the tails of the bigger companies, we could then compete with what they were offering. It’s been a good eighteen years of progression and we now employ eighteen people. Moving to bigger premises has let us employ more people, which is good for the community.”

The Leeds United Business Club stems from a partnership between Eleven Sports Media and the Football Club. Becoming a Business Club partner enables BJ Stainless Fabrications to reach a wider audience through increased brand awareness.

The partnership sees the business displayed on both crowd and pitch-facing LED screens; whilst also featuring on StadiumTV and StatZone screens within the concourses, engaging with supporters at various points during each home game.

BJ Stainless Fabrications are also invited to exclusive partner events, which include Q&A evenings with former players, through the Leeds United Business Club. Having previously relied on word of mouth, and the company website, to attract new business, Lee spoke on how these events have impacted the business:

“Personally, I’ve opened up and got to know different sets of people by going to the events, which has been good. It’s something I hadn’t done until getting involved with the Leeds United Business Club and I didn’t know what to expect.

“It’s opened my eyes to who you can meet just by swapping business cards for a couple of hours; the amount of interest it can generate, which was great. I’d probably say that’s the main benefit, meeting like-minded local companies.”

Having received comments from customers about the company’s branding at Elland Road, the Business Club has created a positive association with Leeds United for BJ Stainless Fabrications:

“It’s good to have the Leeds logo on your paperwork and show that you are tied with a bigger organisation. It does show that, even as a bigger company, you’re moving forward with the times; that you are embracing what’s on your doorstep and taking note of what’s around you.

“It has been one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve always been sceptical of branding, but this has opened my eyes to the power of what it can do. I’m sure the longer it is at the stadium and the more people see it, it will benefit us even more.”

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