New York City Associate Partner Main St. Radiology is pleased to announce that Dr. Adam Bernheim will join Main Street Radiology specializing in Cardiac and Chest CT.

Dr. Adam Bernheim is a renowned radiologist whom began a career at age 17 when he was accepted into a 6-year BA/MD program, after which he completed diagnostic radiology residency. He then completed a cardiac thoracic imaging fellowship at the Massachusetts general hospital with a combined cardiac and pulmonary imaging fellowship.

The foundational stages of his career were in academia, first at Emory University in Atlanta and then at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. Adam enjoys working in clinical practice performing cardiothoracic imaging and has read over 100,000 chest radiographs in his career.

He has served as a board examiner for three years for the American Board of Radiology (ABR), thoracic section. He also co-founded and co-hosts the first-ever cardiothoracic imaging podcast, which has thousands of listeners throughout 56 countries. In addition, he co-founded the Cardiothoracic Imaging Society of New York (CISNY), which hosts quarterly meetings throughout Manhattan for the NYC cardiothoracic imaging community.

Dr Adam Berheim co-authored over 40 published journal articles since the start of 2020 some in the New England Journal of Medicine and other articles that introduced ILD-RADS, a new “RADS-based” classification system for interstitial lung disease. He has been spotlighted and appeared on live national television and radio many times, including CNN Cuomo Prime Time, CBS Evening News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Bloomberg, NBC Evening News, and others.

The MSR team are excited to have Adam’s expertise and dedication in the Cardiac and Pulmonary space to Main Street Radiology’s patients and Physicians.

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