New York City FC Associate Partner Onrise Care has announced the official launch of the Onrise Player Network. 

The compassionate mental health and player care provider’s new network gives the opportunity to a private, free, social network for college, semi-professional and professional athletes.

The Onrise Player Network was created as a way for athletes to more genuinely communicate, share life experiences and build connection with each other in response to research about athlete needs conducted by Onrise. All athletes are vetted before being approved to join in order to maintain the safety and privacy of the community.

Connection is strengthened through conversation, posts and events. The activities are directed by the desires of the community and reflect the every day life experiences of a high-level athlete. Some of the earliest events have been live online question and answer sessions on mental health issues and a resume workshop geared towards student-athletes. There are events in various communities and a bulletin board for jobs and ads by vetted companies. No ads will appear in any of the conversation spaces.

“Belonging and connection is the best medicine we have to fight against depression and anxiety for any of us. Onrise is dedicated to giving back in tangible ways to fight the war that mental stress is waging on our world today.” Said Kimberly Quigley, CEO of Onrise Care and Co-Founder of Onrise Player Network.

The app can be downloaded on the Apple App store or the Google Play store now.

To find out more about Onrise Care’s Player Care Program, visit –