New York City Associate Partner Onrise Care has announced an exciting new deal with  United Black Players (formerly the United Soccer League Black Players Alliance), to become their official mental health partner.

As part of the partnership, Onrise will support and aid the paths of more than 100 professional soccer players of the USL Championship and League One.

With a mission to address inequity issues within the sport of soccer, the UBP has set forth new goals aimed to impact the youth, collegiate, and professional ranks. Developing a pathway of access and success for underserved youth is of utmost importance to the members of the group. The player pathway will provide opportunities and resources at every level of the game and help to create a sustainable future for minorities in the sport.

The UBP has previously played a vital role in the establishment of the USL’s United Against Racism campaign in 2021, launched its own youth soccer clinic initiative in 2022. It now has plans to expand numerous key programs in 2023. With the support of the USL front office, and various individual teams throughout the league, the UBP will continue to make an impact in even more communities around the country.

Onrise Care will power this influential group’s mental health resource page, mental health services, and career transition support to its members.

The team at Onrise supports providers and health plans in treating high-cost behavioral health populations.

The Onrise Elite Player Care Program provides a complete, whole-person wellness program and prioritized telehealth support for athletes which powerfully considers their unique life experiences and biopsychosocial status in order to secure progress in all areas of their lives— not just on the pitch.

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