As we enter 2023, Precision FM’s CEO, Brij Thankey highlights some of the key trends and issues likely to impact the FM sector and how Precision FM is well-placed to rise to these challenges.

Leicester City Community Partner Precision FM’s multidisciplinary team of professionals have experience in delivering FM services to many different sectors, whether you require commercial maintenance, defence facilities, public sector services or something else.

Addressing The Skills Shortage

As with many industries, the FM sector has struggled with skill shortages that can be attributed to a number of economic factors, including Brexit and the impact of the pandemic and this looks likely to continue in 2023.

However, ensuring we recruit, train, and retain our competent workforce remains a key commitment for us to ensure that we can continue to provide a high-quality service to our customers.

Bringing people back into the sector means giving it a spruce up, ironically. It needs to be a financially viable career choice for them to consider, one with plenty of opportunities for ongoing training and career progression.

When people are passionate about the job they do the benefits can be felt not just by the individual, but by our customers too. We know that by giving people the right opportunity, you get the best out of them.

Balancing the growth (and cost benefits) of automation in FM, alongside attracting skilled, competent people to join the sector will continue to be a key challenge as we move through the next 12 months.

Growth of Automation

One of the key growth areas in 2023 will be the increasing use of automation within facilities management and the benefits that can be derived from this.

We’re enthused by the evolution of AI within the sector but while this may lead to a slight reduction in the reliance on people to perform certain tasks, we don’t yet feel we are at the stage of them replacing our on-the-ground teams entirely!

While machines can be programmed to clean a certain area at a certain time, they lack the spatial awareness needed to notice other areas that could do with attention.

A human being is still needed to look at the quality of the work and decide if more needs doing. We need our people out there liaising with building operatives to understand what their needs are.

Where we see automation being used to good effect is where it can enhance the work our teams are doing, providing them with better insight and enabling better and more efficient decision-making.

This can include automated monitoring of assets, to notify FM personnel when a fault occurs or when it is due for routine maintenance. AI can also be used to monitor room usage to turn off lights when a meeting room isn’t occupied, for example, therefore saving money and improving the lifespan of lighting and air conditioning units that might otherwise be on even when the space is empty.

Getting Greener

We’ve got to find better ways of reducing our carbon footprint and this, together with rising energy costs is sure to dominate the business agenda in 2023. As a company,  we are already looking at how we can use renewable energy within our own business.

We have an ESG strategy in place and are well on the journey to making Precision FM an environmentally friendly business.  We are committed to reducing waste by 50% over the next 5 years and have already achieved an 85% reduction in paper by moving the majority of our reporting and invoicing online.

We are also aiming to convert our vehicle fleet to electric by 2030. Of course, when an emergency response is required at a location, we won’t always be able to use electric vehicles, at least not until there is a more consistent layout in national charging infrastructure. But when we can attend in an electric vehicle, we will.

We also have the agility and forethought to assist our customers in switching to greener fuels, lighting, and heating systems wherever possible, helping to drive the sustainability agenda across our partners and suppliers.

The upcoming year does come with its challenges, but Precision are a company that brings solutions to the table. If you need facilities management services that revolve around your bespoke needs, visit: