Chelmsford-based roofing contractor, RTB Roofing has committed to supporting its local community by extending its associate partnership with the Iconic London Stadium.

As part of the multi-year deal, RTB’s branding is showcased across digital platforms around the London Stadium on every Premier League matchday throughout the season. This gives RTB opportunity to connect with over 60,000 people in attendance, along with the global Premier League television audience watching remotely.

The associate partnership enhances brand visibility through LED platforms while offering networking opportunities at events hosted by sports rights specialist, Eleven Sports Media. RTB believes that the prestige that comes with being associated with this landmark venue contributes to the company’s creditability and status as an industry leader.

Director, Robert Beeson comments: “We are thrilled to announce the renewal of our associate partnership with the London Stadium – a venue that holds a special place in our hearts.

“The partnership is more than just a business association; it’s a connection to our roots and a testament to the journey we’ve travelled. As RTB Roofing celebrates its eighth anniversary in December, we’re not just celebrating another year. We’re celebrating growth, strength, and the privilege of being in a remarkable position.

“The London Stadium partnership has provided a beacon of visibility for the brand, great networking opportunities and meaningful connections. We look forward to building upon this commitment.”

Established in 2015, RTB Roofing has worked from the ground up to boast an impressive portfolio of clients within Essex and its surrounding areas, extending through to Central London. With a combined total of 60+ years roofing experience, RTB Roofing ensures quality is at the heart of every project it completes.

In addition to the commitment to quality, RTB Roofing operates with a sense of integrity, trustworthiness, and reliability – values often associated with close-knit family structures. This approach extends to client relationships, emphasizing a commitment to transparency, clear communication, and a genuine concern for the well-being of each client’s roofing project.

RTB positions itself as an extension of its client’s vision, working collaboratively with a personalized touch that reflects the warmth and reliability associated with family values. Its target audience encompasses a diverse range of clients, strategically focusing on three key segments: principal contractors, landlords, and homeowners across London, Essex and further afield. This multi-faceted approach allows RTB to cater to both the commercial and residential sectors, addressing the unique needs and demands of each customer category.

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