Birmingham City Community Partner, Simson Aggregate Solutions, is delighted to announce the launch of its sister company Hub Solar, as the company growth continues to accelerate. 

UK wide, Hub Solar install solar panels, battery storage and EV charging points. Like every home or business, each Hub solution will be different. They offer a tailored approach to all of their installations, to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Whether it’s a small home solar system, or a large commercial charging hub, Hub can help you take control of your energy.

The solar experts’ mission is to power as many homes and businesses as possible using the sun. Sustainable energy is at the core of what Hub does and the sun allows them to use the world’s natural resources to power our homes, businesses and electric vehicles.

By adding solar to your business, it allows your business to be less reliant on external energy suppliers, which is a considerable driver in making your business more profitable & sustainable. It also allows your business to:

  • Combat increased energy demand from EV infrastructure.
  • Utilise battery storage to power your business and reduce your energy costs.
  • Lower your carbon footprint.

To find out more about Hub, book a call or fill out their enquiry form on their website and their team will find the right solution for you and answer any questions.

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