Technology underpins everything we do at Eleven. It brings our community partnerships to life, delivers award-winning engagement platforms for fans, provides valuable inventory for rights-holders, and showcases brands to a captive audience.


The English Premier League’s most popular matchday-engagement platform.

Nothing beats gameday. From pre-match previews through to post-match debates, Eleven’s award-winning StadiumTV entertains more than half a million fans across the UK every single matchday. No IPTV solution is more widely used in UK sports venues.

StadiumTV delivers for both fans and rights-holders. Huge sports audiences are engaged with the latest scores, in-house content, real-time stats, social feeds, and more, while sports organisations benefit from rich inventory for sponsors and advertisers.

Giving fans a complete matchday experience.

StatTV puts fans first. An evolution of Eleven’s StadiumTV, the award-winning display platform offers fans at stadiums access to everything those watching on TV take for granted. From heatmaps to head-to-heads, Eleven’s bespoke infographics deliver live, reactive and engaging matchday content focussed on the key points of the game. It’s what match-going fans deserve.

StatTV is powered by a licenced integration with Opta and driven by our data visualisation technology. Used by over 25 Premier League and English Football League clubs, this compelling platform gives rights-holders significant exposure to a large and loyal audience.

Keeping fans engaged, 24/7.

It’s not only about the match-going fan at Eleven. While thousands inside the stadium enjoy StadiumTV and StatTV, there are exponentially more following the match from afar. StatZone provides pre-match, in-match and post-match social content for club platforms, keeping audiences engaged on a daily basis anywhere in the world.

StatZone is Eleven’s second-screen experience that amplifies the sports conversation. With bespoke content produced and designed by Eleven, and powered by Opta, it is aligned to rights-holders’ brand guidelines and distributed natively on their official channels. It delivers reach, engagement, brand impact, commercial value, and fan interaction.

Tech June 28, 2021