Venturi Cardiology Joins Forces with Sporting Legends to Mark World Heart Day

Venturi Cardiology Joins Forces with Sporting Legends to Mark World Heart Day


Venturi Cardiology, a new North West cardiology diagnostic centre, marked World Heart Day on Wednesday 29th September with a star-studded event. Famous names from the world of sport were in attendance at Venturi Cardiology’s recently opened world-leading facility in Warrington.


Former footballers, Robbie Fowler and Neil Mellor, were joined by ex-rugby professionals Pete Scrivener and Martin Johnson CBE to raise awareness of the importance of good heart health.

Venturi Cardiology opened its doors in June this year, amidst the world’s attention being sharply focused on heart health as Danish footballer, Christian Eriksen, suffered a cardiac arrest whilst playing in the UEFA European Championships.


That extraordinary incident, watched on TV by of millions around the globe, fortunately had a positive outcome as Christian Eriksen received immediate emergency care. However, as Venturi Cardiology’s Dr Scott Murray highlights, without expert care, many heart conditions can go undetected until it’s too late,


“The heart is the body’s most vital organ. If it doesn’t function correctly, the consequences can be severe, so it is vital that we take good care of our heart health. The NHS does an incredible job but, inevitably, its resources tend to focus on rectifying heart conditions, usually after an incident such as a heart attack. As an independent cardiology centre, part of our core purpose is to diagnose heart conditions before they result in a life-threatening incident.”


The expert team at Venturi Cardiology used World Heart Day as a platform to encourage more people across the North West to think about the welfare of their hearts. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, their world-leading consultant cardiology team is on hand, to help people understand more about their heart health without the need for lengthy waiting lists.

Dr Scott Murray continues, “The saying goes, ‘prevention is better than the cure’. That statement is possibly never truer than when dealing with heart health. Our technology provides vital insights into the condition of each heart, which our expert cardiologists use to proactively identify whether any conditions require attention.”


“In the short time since we have opened our doors, we’re very proud of the fact we have helped well over a hundred people with concerns about their heart health. Undoubtedly lives have been saved as a result.”


As well as highlighting the importance of good heart health through World Heart Day, Venturi Cardiology has become a Bolton Wanderers Associate Partner through an agreement with brand activation specialists, Eleven Sports Media. The partnership enables Venturi Cardiology to use the power of live sport to reach out to a wide match-going audience to promote the benefits of Venturi Cardiology’s services.


Dr Murray explains, “The link between sport and heart health is a strong one. As was highlighted by the incident involving Christian Eriksen in the summer, cardiac issues can affect almost anybody if left undetected. The Associate Partnership agreement we have at Bolton Wanderers allows us to align our message with sport as exercise is key to maintaining a healthy heart.”


Venturi Cardiology offers face to face consultations at its high-tech scanning facility in Birchwood, Warrington, often providing same day expert analysis to determine any necessary treatment to ensure patients’ long-term health.


To learn more about Venturi Cardiology’s range of heart health services, or to arrange a consultation, visit

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