WEP Clinical Boosted By London Stadium Business Club Partnership

WEP Clinical Boosted By London Stadium Business Club Partnership


Pharmaceutical supplier reaches out to local community through football sponsorship

WEP Clinical has joined the London Stadium Business Club, with the pharmaceutical services company aiming to reach a wider audience through football sponsorship. Providing medicines for patients and hospitals worldwide, the London-based company see their logo featured throughout all West Ham United’s home games at the former Olympic Stadium.

The business began in 2008, initially supplying medicines across Europe to aid clinical trials, but soon expanded into helping patients gain access to treatments that were unavailable in their country. Supplying medicines throughout the world, the business opened its US offices in 2010 in order to provide Early Accesses Programmes, which grant patients access to ongoing clinical trials that are taking place outside of their own country.

“What we do is quite niche, but it can help anybody, of any age, any background, anyone is susceptible to disease”, explained WEP Clinical’s Managing Director, Jas Khera.

“We help people from all countries, all backgrounds, all ages. Football fans as a group are quite a wide spectrum, especially in the U.K. Everybody is in some way or another connected to football. Partnering with the London Stadium Business Club makes it a great way for us to get our name out there to anybody who needs our service and helps us help as many people as possible.”

The London Stadium Business Club stems from a partnership between Eleven Sports Media and the stadium. WEP Clinical, through their association with West Ham United, experience Premier League brand exposure. The London-based pharmaceutical services company see its logo feature on a large LED screen at the front of the stadium, as well as appearing on pitch-facing mid-tier boards, and StadiumTV screens located within the concourses.

In addition, the business is invited to exclusive partner events, which have included a Q&A evening with Sir Trevor Brooking, allowing WEP Clinical to connect with like-minded local businesses.

“Networking is important in what we do, to get out there and make sure people in all industries are aware of our service”, Yasmin Khera said.

“At some point, everyone will either be in need or know someone in need of treatment and we want to make sure as many people as possible are aware of what we do.”

Though WEP Clinical is known internationally throughout the healthcare sector, the business remains focused on maintaining its connection to its local London community:

“On a local level, we’re making sure we’re doing as much as we can to help people. We’re a company that’s grown out of London. This is where we were founded this is where it all started and as we grow, we don’t want to lose that. We want to remain a UK business.

“Reaching out to the people who go to West Ham games and see our logo, it’s helping to take us to the next level”, Khera continued. “We’re trying to be one of the main players in our space and part of that is getting our name out there.

“The Business Club gives us a talking point. We work in an important and serious industry, but this partnership helps the business show a bit of personality.  Football is huge in the U.K. and we’re associated with one of the biggest stadiums in the country. It helps us get ourselves in front of the local community as much as possible.”

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