Wilkinson Star Celebrates Partnership With Bolton Wanderers FC

Wilkinson Star Celebrates Partnership With Bolton Wanderers FC


A Lancashire-based importer and wholesale distributor of industrial and welding equipment has secured a partnership with Bolton Wanderers Business Club, in a deal that holds real family ties.

Wilkinson Star have utilised their passion for local football and partnered with Bolton Wanderers, which has provided the company the opportunity to showcase their brand to thousands of supporters at the University of Bolton Stadium, as well as potential exposure to a nationwide audience.

Harnessing the power of sport, the Bolton Wanderers Business Club provides its members with extensive matchday branding through its multi-layered approach to digital marketing.

All Business Club partners have their brand on display throughout matchdays, via StatZone screens located on the concourses; pitch-side and crowd-facing advertising boards; and on the stadium’s various TV screens.

A family business, Marketing Director and Deputy Chairman Tina Wilkinson gave an insight into what motivated Wilkinson Star to commit to the partnership and the benefits they are already seeing from the agreement.

“Where [the partnership] started really was, my father – who’s the chairman of the company – still works in the business and he started originally watching Bolton as a young boy. We’ve got quite a lot of people in the company that support Bolton, and a lot of people who live in Bolton.

“We know that it’s kind of our demographic as well, and looking at the results we’ve had since the start of the season, I think it’s been beneficial to the company. Things like the StatZone screens to people on the concourses; the pitch-facing boards; and the TVs you’ve got around the ground, it’s reaching different people.”

The Bolton Wanderers Business Club is borne from a partnership between Bolton Wanderers and Eleven Sports Media, offering its members an all-encompassing partner programme, which extends to all aspects of the matchday experience.

Though heavily based in Lancashire, Wilkinson Star operate on a global scale. Having previously considered becoming involved in sport, it was the ability to expose the company to multiple areas of the country, given Bolton’s various opponents throughout the season and televised games, that held a key appeal.

“We import from all over the world – China, Europe – and we sell to different parts of the world as well. Predominantly we sell import brands, we’re like an exclusive supplier, through different types of industries, of industrial equipment.”

Forming in 2005, the basis for Wilkinson Star goes back to the 1980s, and the combination of Wilkinson Engineering and Welding Star. Their partnership with the Bolton Wanderers Business Club adds another dimension to Wilkinson Star’s ability to reach potential clients, with the company appearing across the Bolton Wanderers’ social media platforms, as well as within the stadium itself.

In addition to matchday advertising, Wilkinson Star have attended several of the Business Club’s Partner Experience events, where members are given an opportunity to meet with other like-minded businesses. “I’ve worked in hospitality myself and I know the benefits of those events”, Tina Wilkinson explained, “I often look at the Bolton Wanderers Business Club partners and see whether we could do something with them.”

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