Workplace App Teams Up With Leeds United Business Club

Workplace App Teams Up With Leeds United Business Club


Boris Software showcase local roots through sports partnership

Boris Software have become a Leeds United Business Club partner, enabling the business to increase awareness of its app that is dedicated to eliminating pen and paper from the workplace. The association between Boris and Leeds United sees the company’s logo broadcast to more than 30,000 supporters throughout each matchday at Elland Road.

The Boris app allows businesses to record on-site installations and show completed health and safety assessments in real-time. Able to send photos of completed tasks using the app, Boris Software offer a digital solution to the uses of pen and paper. Head of Client Services, James Doak, outlined how the business has developed over time:

“Boris Software was originally developed for fire stopping because the directors worked in the industry. It’s an app that digitises any pen and paper process people would have within their business. Previously, you may have had to fill out forms and drive back with a report. Now, our clients fill it all out on their smartphone or tablet using Boris Software and it reports it back to the office, with a GPS location.”

Partnering with the Leeds United Business Club, the business sees their company branding displayed at every Leeds home game, potentially reaching international audiences. In addition to featuring on crowd and pitch-facing LED screens, Boris also appear on StadiumTV and StatZone screens, located within the concourses.

This approach sees supporters engage with the Boris Software brand at various points during each game, increasing brand awareness. The business is also invited to exclusive events, which include Q&A evenings with former Leeds players, and enjoy a selection of hospitality tickets.

Having previously featured on Talksport, becoming associated with Leeds United held a key appeal for the business, James Doak explained:

“It makes sense to be Business Club partners because we’re locally based and Leeds United are a high-profile club. I think the owners see the value in sport, especially the demographic of supporters.

“The Boris app is for any work that requires people to be primarily out of the office; that must meet a certain level of compliance, and health and safety. A lot of people still use pen and paper, but that can get lost or go missing. That’s probably why we’ve joined the Leeds United Business Club – to get our name out there.”

With clients as far-reaching as New Zealand, Boris can translate the app into multiple languages. Counting Highways England and branches of the NHS among its customers, Boris Software view the Leeds United Business as a method to continue their substantial growth:

“The user base has almost double from January last year, in terms of the amount of individual people that are using Boris. We’re trying to expand in the UK market, and Ireland as well, but Boris could be used anywhere in the world.”

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