Paul Meek and Steven King started Emkay Plastics Ltd on September 1, 2000, after meeting at a previous company. They saw an opportunity in the plastics industry and decided to start their own business, specialising in the supply, and cutting of ROHACELL®, a lightweight and rigid PMI foam material used in advanced engineering across many industries such as Aerospace and Motorsport inclusive of Formula One teams who have been long standing clients of Emkay Plastics.

In 2013, Evonik Industries AG, a global specialty chemicals company, announced that it had selected Emkay Plastics as its official supplier of ROHACELL® the United Kingdom. This was a major milestone for the company, as it solidified their position as a trusted and reliable partner within the industry.

Since becoming the official UK supplier for Evonik, their company has experienced significant growth. This has resulted in a move to a new building that has allowed them to expand their operations. The new building has been a game-changer for Emkay Plastics, as it has provided them with the space and resources they needed to meet the needs of their clients. It has also allowed them to streamline their processes, which has helped them to deliver their products and services more efficiently.

At the end of 2022 Emkay Plastics were awarded JOSCAR certification. JOSCAR is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence, and security industries as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. This allows companies like Emkay Plastics to demonstrate that they are “fit for business” and capable of meeting the high standards required by these industries. By achieving this certification, the company has demonstrated that it is a reputable and reliable supplier, capable of meeting the high standards required by the industries they collaborate with.

The ongoing success of Emkay has allowed Paul and Steven to announce the opening of their new machining company, Core Elite. Core Elite will be targeting the international market and introducing it to the existing British composites industry.

The leading suppliers and specialists for Rohacell distribution in the UK, has signed a three-year deal with sports rights experts Eleven Sports Media to become a Norwich City Community Partner.

Here is what Managing Director had to say on joining the Norwich City Community Partnership.

‘I never thought, when I first started supporting Norwich City Football Club 51 years ago, that I would see our company’s branding across Carrow Road, seeing the Emkay Plastics logo up in lights around the stadium is something I never dreamed of. When I was given the opportunity to be a community partner, I jumped at the chance, in fact, on the day of signing it bought a tear to my eye, it was such an emotional moment for me as a fan and business owner’

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