London Stadium Associate Partner Herald has added to its plant-based PLA (corn starch) straws and range of paper straws to meet increasing demand. The quality disposables manufacturer and supplier has reviewed its product selection multiple times in recent years in a bid to further boost its eco-credentials, while responding to the growing number of customers who are requesting a wider choice of green products.

The extra choice of straws has come as a result of Herald’s most recent product review and means that its Jazz Café range now includes 6mm jumbo, bottle and cocktail paper straws in black, kraft and red stripe, along with 8mm red stripe spoon and smoothie straws and 12mm red stripe angle cut straws.

Wrapped 6mm red stripe paper straws are also a recent addition as the supplier caters to the growing requirement for wrapped disposables in response to consumer demand for added hygiene and cleanliness reassurance.

National sales manager for Herald, David Martin explains: “Wrapped products are definitely on the increase as they are what the customer want – particularly from the higher end takeaways and catering providers. We’ve sourced the best quality products to ensure complete satisfaction and are maintaining a ready supply.”

The paper straws sit alongside an ample selection of PLA straws, which are 100 per cent biodegradable and come in black and clear. Both types of straw provide an eco-friendly option, giving pub, restaurant, café and bar operators the opportunity to offer their customers a considered and ethical choice.

David adds: “The PLA straws are softer than paper and work well for certain businesses and in medical settings where individuals are struggling to ingest liquids. It’s important that these consumers are well catered for and full provision is made to meet their needs.”

With over thirty-five years since its inception, Herald is renowned for its vast catalogue of goods that provides an unrivalled breadth of choice. The company has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect its reputation and its customers’ expectation.

For further information on Herald and its products, log on to or call 0208 507 7900.