Kasha Petit, Captain at QPR FC Women, talks to us about her journey in the game, the growth of the game, and the expectations for the season.

Getting started

Kasha Petit first joined the QPR Girls scheme at age 12, having been inspired to follow her passion for football by her older brother Leon, and she is now a senior member of the club’s first-team squad.

“I played a lot while I was at school, my brother got into the sport with QPR, who I saw were holding trials. So, I took the opportunity and joined the QPR under 12s, moving through all the stages at the football club. I ended up playing for the Women’s team where I play now.”

Inspirational lionesses

The Lionesses’ Euros success, as well as their participation in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final this past summer, has seen a surge in interest from girls looking to get involved in the game with their local grassroots sides.

“It’s massive and great to see, seeing so many young girls watching football. Getting to the final of the world stage is amazing, it is a big jump and success for the game. It’s great to see many top footballers in the higher leagues and higher stages coming from grassroots football. The women’s game is now continuing to grow, having this many women players, inspiring the whole of the UK and England to get involved in the sport in some way. The sport will never look back.”

Investing in the future

“It’s massive, there isn’t a lot of money in the game, so with the right sponsorship behind teams from businesses, we can continue to push on and grow the game through the right exposure. It is great to have businesses like Eleven Sports Media backing us. Hopefully, we can see more people get behind the sport soon and attend our events and games.”

Former R’s Euro Success

England’s Euro 2022 match-winner, Chloe Kelly, a lifelong R’s fan and former QPR Girls player netted the extra-time winner as England beat Germany 2-1 last summer.

“It is so important, especially seeing a local player come up in Chloe Kelly, the younger generation can be inspired,” says Kasha. “Seeing QPR linked to her in the area, players can be inspired to join the programs the club has on offer. Attending trials, we had a lot of interest this year, and I think that is based on the success of the euros. Hopefully, it can grow upwards, as we see the success of QPR women over the season, and will drive girls to get involved where they can. One of them may be the next Chloe Kelly.”

The season ahead

“It will be a tough season, there are a couple of new teams in the league. Last season was tough, but we have high hopes, and as a team, we are really driven and passionate, about making it up there to be a top team, it is important to keep pushing on and improving year-on-year. This season is also about growing our fan base, which will be important.”