Leicester City Community Partner Precision FM has kicked off 2023 with significant growth in various key areas.

The company has expanded its physical presence, made strategic hires, secured project wins, and bolstered its move towards a lower carbon footprint.

Their new projects include new FM contracts in the manufacturing and warehousing sector that extend to Ireland as well as the rest of the UK. They are also leveraging technology as an accelerator in their services to efficiency and innovation in all their developments.

Expanding Their HQ, Reducing Their Carbon Footprint

Precision is committed to being a supportive employer in all the communities in which they work. They have acquired the building next door to their current head office which will give Precision the chance to expand further and make some positive changes to their working environment.

This expansion will not only provide more space for the team, but it gives them more space to continue their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) drive with the addition of solar panels and battery storage.

This expansion demonstrates Precision’s dedication to sustainable growth and ongoing local community support wherever they carry out their services. This decision to acquire the property reflects their values as a company prioritising the well-being of their team as well as the reduction of their carbon footprint.

In maintaining strong connections with the local communities and continuing to contribute to their vibrant economies, Precision FM upholds its commitment to local investment. This includes Precision’s current Community Partnership with the Foxes throughout the 2023-24 season.

Strengthening the Team

Precision have recently hired new starters in key business development positions, reflecting their focus on continued growth and pursuit of new clients.

These valued, new colleagues will strengthen the team, ensuring Precison have the expertise and resources necessary to provide top-quality facilities management services to their growing client base.

More Work, New Work

Precision have increased the work they are doing for their existing clients with several additional projects, and are pleased to announce they have recently secured a large new contract to supply hard and soft facilities management services to ten sites across the UK and Ireland.

This new client, a sustainable surfaces manufacturer supplying the design and architectural sectors, represents a significant addition to Precision’s portfolio. It is project wins like these that highlight their success in expanding their services and delivering exceptional results for clients right across the country.

One of Precision’s ongoing projects includes working on roofing requirements and maintenance for a large supply chain logistics client, which they have successfully completed, and now is focused on maintaining those improvements.

They have also taken on a line marking project for them on behalf of their client in the national healthcare sector, which is set to be completed over the next month.

Driving Efficiency and Innovation

At Precision FM, they are committed to using technology as an accelerator in their services, ensuring their company remains agile and responsive to client needs. By embracing innovative solutions and focusing on predictive maintenance, they can enhance their resources and improve the services they provide to clients. Through this innovative spirit, their business is well-positioned for future growth and success in the facilities management sector.

They are committed to being acquisitive and constantly innovating as they look towards the future. Their focus on growth, both in terms of business expansion and in the development of the team, ensures that they can adapt and thrive in a dynamic industry landscape.

In remaining committed to their core values of transparency, honesty, and a client-centric approach, they will continue to foster strong relationships with their clients and deliver tailored facilities solutions that meet their unique demands.

Networking and Collaboration

Precision understand the importance of networking and collaboration in their industry, so they plan to attend the upcoming Facilities Show. This event allows Precision to connect with other professionals in the sector, discuss the latest trends and innovations, and explore potential partnerships.

Their presence at industry events also allows us to gain insights into the latest technologies and strategies that can drive further efficiencies and improvements in their services. In remaining at the forefront of industry developments, they can ensure their clients receive the most advanced and effective facilities management solutions.

Forward and Upward

As they move forward in 2023, Precision is proud of the strong foundations we have built in the first quarter.

Brij Thankey, CEO at Precision FM, said: “Our commitment to business expansion, strategic new hires, and securing new project wins, including those in the manufacturing and warehousing sector extending to Ireland and the UK, has positioned us well for continued growth and success.

“We’re confident we can maintain this momentum throughout the year and beyond. As we continue to grow, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional, ethical facilities management solutions, fostering a supportive and dynamic working environment for our team, and contributing to the success and sustainability of our clients and the communities we serve.”

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